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How to perform eyelash extensions?


Blanc is using special formula of eyelash adhesive with Blanc Lashes and our extension technique,
applying onto your own natural eyelashes one by one. It does not touch the eyelid, so it causes
no irritation or allergic reaction.


Will eyelash extension damage the natural lashes or lessen the number of them?


The extended lashes will shed together with the natural lashes when they reach their growth cycle.
Lash extension doesn’t make the natural lashes fall out or lessen the number of them. If we take
good care of them, we can keep our eyelashes looking healthy.


Do the extensions work for short and thin eyelashes?


Of Course! Blanc’s expert will recommend the type that suits the character of eyelashes. It is true that
the number of extended lashes depends on the number of your natural lashes. For thin eyelashes,
we will recommend the appropriate type and style of lashes for you to consider.


Who can do the eyelash extensions, are they for teenagers only?


Anybody. Women of all ages can have their eyelash extension done. Blanc’s experts can recommend
and design the style of extension that suits their face and eye shape as well as the lifestyle of each person.
For those with sagging, heavy or droopy eyelids, the eyelash extension can help lift your eyelids and
reduce the tired looking of your eyes.


Does it hurt during the procedure?


As there isn’t any contact with the eyelids, there is no discomfort or pain involved.
The procedure is so gentle that many clients fall asleep while having their eyelash extension done.


Can those who have sensitive skin or an allergy have eyelash extensions?


The adhesive doesn’t have direct contact with your skin, so it causes no irritation or allergic
reaction generally, but there is an exception for those with allergies in glue, tape, metal or other serious
allergies, we are not able to provide service. Please consult your doctor before getting the eyelash extensions.


How long does it take?


About 60-120 minutes depending on characteristics of eyelashes and the number of the lashes applied.


How long do the eyelash extensions last?


It depends on how you take care of them and the lifestyle of each individual. To keep your extended
eyelashes beautiful, we suggest you to come back for a retouch every 3 weeks.


Is it safe for contact lens wearers?


Yes, it is safe. You can wear your lens as usual because Blanc Lash is soft and won’t irritate your eyes,
but lens should be removed before getting eyelash extensions. Please bring your own case if needed.


What should be prepared before getting the eyelash extensions?

1. Remove eye makeup such as mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow.
2. Contact lens should be removed.
3. Get rid of all your worries and looking forward to have your new style!

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