Eyelash Extension Products

Moi Double Cleansing Gel
Makeup removing  gel & cleansing foam 2 in 1 cleanser . An innovative cleanser that has the performance of
a gel for makeup removing, and the performance of a cleansing foam that leaves skin clean,
soft, and perfectly balanced.
It whisks away everyday impurities and makeup without stripping
the skin of essential moisture. It is formulated with natural moisturizing ingredients from
plants, which is gentle and great for all skin types. Rich in amino acids, protecting and perfecting benefits
for smooth, hydrated, clear skin.

   15ml  RM  20.00
              150ml RM220.00
Moi Eyelash Serum
A transparent, non-sticky serum enriched with natural ingredients from sea weed.
Containing sea weed extract ion Macromolecule Fucoidan and 2 other natural moisturizing
ingredients helps nourish and fortify lashes for a
denser and more resistant fringe.Macromolecule
Fucoidan  activates hair matrix cells,
and accelerate hair metabolism to help grow strong lashes.

Price: 2.5ml RM210.00

The Lash Brush

Long and thick eyelashes needs their own way of care to make it last longer!
We present you the new Lash Brush that professionally designed for function,
durability and ease of handing,  dedicate just for Blanc Eyelash Extensions Hairs. Light-weighted with high quality
brush’s hair. Your lash will never look like spider legs anymore!

Price: RM120.00

Liquid Eyeliner

Easy-to use, ultra-soft, flexible tip. It’s long-wearing, waterproof, smudge-proof, but easy to wash
off with warm water . It contains natural moisturizing factors that hydrate your skin.
Ingredients that can cause aging spots or hyperpigmentation skin are NOT used.

Price: RM140.00



Fiber Mascara

Specially designed for eyelash extensions. It lasts through rain, sweat, humidity,
and tears, yet the formula removes easily  with warm water.
The unique brush can brush every eyelashevenly and beautifully, and  give you perfectly-defined lashes.

Price: RM130.00



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